All digital works are available through custom order.

Erick’s youngest brother, Daniel Stow, is a mystic with psychic vision: he can see auras, current life attributes (through an image he sees in his clients’ eye), and see which animal is a subject’s soul suit. This has greatly impacted how Erick sees and understands auras and vibrations.

The Impact of Music

Armed with a degree from Texas Tech’s College of Mass Communication, saving a minor in English, Erick has always pursued music. He can produce and, most recently, acquired an ability to freestyle rap. His flow is lava.

A Crown Aquatic – Erick’s First Digital Print

There are only 50 existing copies of A Crown Aquatic currently in circulation, making it a treasure for any collector. This was Erick’s first digital sprint, completing the picture in one 8-hour sitting–using only his finger, ProCreate, and an Apple iPad. It represents his ability to sense and feel all the frequencies we cannot see or hear with our eyes and ears.

Die Antweird: Zef Family.

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