Day and Night in the Garden of Tomorrow can be seen during summer months at Gimli’s Golf Course, Hole 15
I speak to trees; they tell me their secrets. 
“Why do you you reach to the heavens?” I ask. 
Their leaves wave up and down, making sounds like rain. The heaven brings life in water.
They quiet when the wind stops. The sun, they say, is silent.
I hug this gentle creature, with skin softer than mine. I can chip it with my nails. It cannot hurt me with such brevity unless provoked by my carelessness.
Light is captured in our veins, whisper the petals of quietly chattering flowers.
Fire is our food, say the ashes.
Fun fact: Erick Stow’s first solo show was at a shoe boutique in Lubbock, TX during his senior year of university at Texas Tech. This piece was commissioned by Kemberly McDaniel.
In Danger Elephant was created carte blanche in oil in Montreal in 2017 for an event hosted by Good Vibe Tribe.
“With a Seraphim” ( Adora Levin, the most painted kid on Earth). IG @adoralevin &

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